Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Birthday & A Few Treasures

Twenty nine years ago today David and I were blessed with a son, Matthew David.  I thought he'd never get here. Three and a half weeks past his due date, he finally decided it was time, 7 lbs 10 1/2 oz, 21" long, a little bit of blond hair and big, blue eyes. He has grown into a fine, handsome, young man and his dad and I couldn't be more proud !

Happy, Happy Birthday Bud !!!

Last weekend we went to some sales and an auction.  Found a few things at some garage sales and tried really hard to get some neat garden and architectural pieces at the auction.  We came away with just a few things, it was a tough crowd.  Most of the really cool garden stuff we wanted went to a guy that owned a big garden nursery in Indianapolis and was going to use it for his displays. At the end of the day we came away with a great old gate, trellis, an old red & white quilt, a child's tea set and a few other smalls.

Yesterday, we came across this early child's wheelbarrow.  Looks great on the dining room table and I can imagine it full of David's carved pumpkins and some bittersweet this fall at the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio ... that's if it doesn't take up permanent residence on my table.

All in all, not too bad for a weekend. 
Happy hunting y'all !!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In Honor of My Mom

This is a difficult post.
These are my mother's hands.  Strong, tender, loving.  I held them for the last time the evening of  November 25th, 2012 when I kissed her good night and told her "good night mom, I'll see you in the morning, I love you"
She and my dad taught myself, my brothers and sisters to be independent, responsible people and that we could do anything we wanted to do if we set our minds to it.  We didn't make it easy for them.
For myself, my mom gave me a love for antiques and the needle arts and taught me how to do most of them well at an early age.  She made my school dresses, shorts and tops for the summer, and while she did that, I started sewing my dolls dresses. As I grew older, she became a Girl Scout Leader of my sisters troop and I learned more.  Cooking, baking and making my own clothes.  The more I grew, the closer we became.  She was my best friend.

In honor of my mom, I will be giving away this vintage silver plated heart necklace made by my other half, David.  She would have loved this one, heck she loved all the necklaces David made for her, but since she is no longer here for us to give this to her, we will pass it along to another to love and/or share. It's our way of telling my mom Happy Mother's Day !
All you have to do is first go give your mom a hug or call her and tell her you love her, then comment on and/or follow my blog. For a second chance, like or comment on my facebook page here:!/pages/As-The-Crow-Flies/142458498455
We will draw a lucky name Sunday, May 12, on Mother's Day !


A Simpler Thyme

Spent the weekend in Noblesville, IN setting up and selling at A Simpler Thyme Primitive Show with a good friend and coheart Jill from ForeverMore Antiques in Georgetown, IL. It was good to catch up with friends and make new ones  We set our booth up differently than we normally do.  Added a porch this time.  Turned out ok, but still needs some tweeking for the next time. All in all, a pretty good weekend !  Here are a few shots of our booth before we opened.
This great blue and chedder quilt was given as a wedding gift in 1872, the groom had served in the civil war.

Our next show, if I don't find any for this summer, will be a big one.  We have had the honor of being selected to set up at the COUNTRY LIVING FAIR in Columbus, Ohio this September.  So much to do for that show, but it'll be alot of fun !
Until next time ...