Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In Honor of My Mom

This is a difficult post.
These are my mother's hands.  Strong, tender, loving.  I held them for the last time the evening of  November 25th, 2012 when I kissed her good night and told her "good night mom, I'll see you in the morning, I love you"
She and my dad taught myself, my brothers and sisters to be independent, responsible people and that we could do anything we wanted to do if we set our minds to it.  We didn't make it easy for them.
For myself, my mom gave me a love for antiques and the needle arts and taught me how to do most of them well at an early age.  She made my school dresses, shorts and tops for the summer, and while she did that, I started sewing my dolls dresses. As I grew older, she became a Girl Scout Leader of my sisters troop and I learned more.  Cooking, baking and making my own clothes.  The more I grew, the closer we became.  She was my best friend.

In honor of my mom, I will be giving away this vintage silver plated heart necklace made by my other half, David.  She would have loved this one, heck she loved all the necklaces David made for her, but since she is no longer here for us to give this to her, we will pass it along to another to love and/or share. It's our way of telling my mom Happy Mother's Day !
All you have to do is first go give your mom a hug or call her and tell her you love her, then comment on and/or follow my blog. For a second chance, like or comment on my facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/As-The-Crow-Flies/142458498455
We will draw a lucky name Sunday, May 12, on Mother's Day !



  1. My mom has been gone for 14 years and I still miss her so much. I love the necklace - I would give it to my daughter.

  2. That photo of your mother's strong, dear hands, hands that you obviously loved so much ... achingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your memories of her.

  3. What a beautiful post Pam....Funny, I did a post a while ago about my mom's hands as well. This will be the first mother's day that my mom has not been "home" as we had to transition her to an assisted living facility at Christmas time. My heart aches for her, as I know she wants to be "home," but at least we are blessed to have her with us yet. I am grateful for every hour of every day for that. And she has been hugged in your mother's honor!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (So glad to have found your blog!! Didn't even know you had one until I saw it on FB.....Yay!!)

  4. Pam, Your post brought tears to my eyes. Not only has my mom been gone for 32 years I still miss her daily. And your mom was very dear to me and a great friend. We had lots of fun & laughs together and worked on lots of 'problems' together! Love the necklace and it is SO your mom!

  5. PS....I posted your giveaway on my blog sidebar. If, for some reason, you prefer that I not post it, just let me know and I'll remove it.... :o)

  6. How very touching and sweet. I wish I could tell my Mom Happy Mother's Day. Will have to wait till I see her again one day. She passed away way too young. My heart feels for you. Happy Mother's Day to you....

  7. What a beautiful post. I love her hands on a hand hooked rug. Happy Mother's Day to you.


  8. I lost my Mom 20 years ago and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her. My thoughts are with you.

  9. Oh how I wish I could talk to my mom again...I took care of her her last years of her life...Miss her bad...I would LOVE to wear this beautiful necklace in remembrance of her...Linda

  10. What a beautiful tribute to your mother!