Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rooting Around in the Barn

We've been rooting around in the barn the past few days to see what we can come with for our room at The Vinton House and for a couple of shows we have coming up in May and June. Good auctions and estates sales have been few and far between this winter. A couple more weeks and they should be in full swing. I can't hardly wait.
David found an old wallpapering table with a galvanized top that will make a great gardening table after he reworks the bottom a bit. He also came up with a couple of very large old cutting boards that he'll use for tops on a table, one I'm hoping, may work as a small tilt top.
He needs to come across a nice old box that will work for a garden cart. Every spring he usually comes up with one and turns it into something wonderful. This one is from last spring and quickly found a new home. All the hardware is old and rusted including the nuts and bolts, otherwise they just don't look right. This one even had a removeable end in case you left the pumpkins in there to long and they had to be shoveled out. Not saying I've ever done that....

I came across a nice old big wood bowl that had been shellacked or polyurethaned, so I'll sand it and get it painted. Also working on some pillows and more shoulder bags like this one. I have a couple listed on my website and you can check them out here.

This will give you an idea of what we're working on and if I expect to get anything done today, I guess I'd better get at it.

Have a great day and I hope the sun is beaming where you are....It's a little gray and wet here today.

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